The ‘Game Of Thrones’ Season Finale Tonight Is Going To Be Wild

David Hookstead | Reporter

Tonight is the season seven finale of “Game of Thrones,” and hopefully it doesn’t let us down.

This has been a great season, and the stage is set for an epic ending in season eight. However, before we get to the series finale, we must first tie up the final episode of this season.

There are so many possibilities for tonight. It’s tough for me to know where to begin, or what could possibly happen. However, I’m very confident with a few predictions for tonight’s episode, which should be epic.

1) Arya kills Littlefinger

Arya and Littlefinger can’t both survive to the next season. It just can’t happen. Given the fact Arya is a stone cold killer, I believe she’s more likely to survive. Littlefinger’s luck is going to run out in this episode. His scheming has finally crossed a bridge too far by trying to play the Stark sisters against each other. I don’t know if Sansa will have any role in his death, but I think Arya will absolutely kill him.

2) Cersei’s pregnancy won’t go as planned.

There are a lot of woke opinions on the Internet about whether or not Cersei is actually pregnant. There’s no real stakes if she’s faking it, so I’m inclined to believe the pregnancy is real. There are also lots of people who think Jamie will ultimately kill his sister after realizing she’s gone insane. Well, she’s pregnant with his kid, and it’d be the perfect “Game of Thrones” darkness for her to die during childbirth or get seriously sick from a miscarriage. Jamie will have indirectly and unintentionally killed her, but either way he will have caused the death/serious illness to his sister. I don’t see any situation where she gives birth to a healthy kid. Maybe this will play out more in season eight, but hopefully we get a little bit of it tonight.

3) You can bet the house that white walker dragon is destroying the wall.

Would the writers have made a white walker dragon if they didn’t intend the Night King to ride the thing as it destroys the wall? This might be the most obvious prediction ever. That wall in the North is coming down, and the dragon will be the reason why. It’d be so awesome if ┬áthe final shot of the whole season is the whole coming down, the Night King breaching the North and the screen just going to black. It’s what the people want.

4) We’ll get a major development with Jon Snow and Daenyras.

Have two characters in the history of television ever had more sexual tension than these two? Absolutely not. I have no idea what this episode holds for these two, but there has to be some major moment. Perhaps Jon’s parents are finally revealed and confirmed in concrete. If this happens, will Daenyras and him still hook up? Would she try to take him out if she realizes he has a stronger claim to the throne? These are the questions we need answered. I don’t know what will happen between the two of them, but it’ll be a major disappointment if it’s not something major. Plus, the writers are going to want to feed the internet something to debate for next year as we wait on the final season. The show is also pretty strong on incest already, so maybe a second incest storyline isn’t out of the question.

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