I’m On Team Olivia Munn, But This Outfit Is Ridiculous

David Hookstead | Contributor

I might be a massive Olivia Munn supporter, but I can’t overlook her outrageous VMA outfit.

I don’t usually tell women how they should dress. My sense of style is somewhere between awful and downright pathetic, and as a fierce defender of the rights of hot women, I think it’s best for women to make their own fashion choices.

Having said that, her VMA outfit is borderline criminal. The only justification for this putrid excuse for clothing is if it’s a joke. We’ve got major problems if this outfit was worn seriously.

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Oh, Olivia, what did you do? I have done 180 degree turn on Munn. I couldn’t stand her when she dated Aaron Rodgers, but I’ve opened my eyes and realized it’s really just Rodgers that drove my animus. However, I’m not sure I can truly defend this fashion choice.

Luckily, Munn hits home runs more often than not, so I think I can get over this one hiccup.

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