J-Rod Is Apparently The Hottest Celebrity Couple – What Could Go Wrong?

Jena Greene | Reporter

Page Six recently dubbed Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez, otherwise known as J-Rod, this summer’s hottest celebrity couple.

The couple — which routinely posts photos and videos of each other — was most recently spotted working out together.

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The article claims JLo “complete[s A-Rod’s] post-baseball image rehabilitation. And he’s given Lopez edge after she dated teenage-looking dancer Casper Smart.”

I’m no agent but I have a hard time buying that a girlfriend is going to rehabilitate A-Rod’s image. They might forgive him, but the public still remembers his fall from grace three years ago. I’m having difficulty getting over the whole paying a fake doctor $12,000 a month for steroids thing. Maybe it’s just me.

Or maybe it’s not.

The fact that A-Rod was willing to lie about his steroid use for months before fessing up says a lot about his character — namely that it isn’t a dateable one. The once the highest-paid player in baseball probably began to think he was almost invincible. Especially with, you know, all that HGH in his system.

And while JLo hasn’t been caught with steroids, she certainly has an inflated ego of her own. She’s reportedly required nine dressing rooms for event prep and almost forfeited her spot as a judge on American Idol because her demands were so extensive.

And lest we forget that A-Rod has admitted to having an “affair of the heart” with Madonna while going through a sticky divorce with his then-wife Cynthia. He’s had countless other public romances embroiled in controversy since then.

And JLo went through a messy break up last year after she discovered her boyfriend Casper (yes that’s his real name) had cheated on her not once but twice (with real people, not ghosts).

So I’ve gotta be honest. When I saw this article I pretty much just laughed. How are they still together? They both seem to be feeding into unsatisfiable egos. Alleged cheating rumors come out on what seems like a weekly basis. If I know one thing about celebrity couples, it’s that nothing is permanent.

$10,000/night hotel stays, tall orders for dressing rooms, hairy pasts and cheating rumors — what could possibly go wrong? It sounds like a pretty solid foundation for love to me.

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