Kim Kardashian Dubbed America’s ‘New First Lady’

David Hookstead | Reporter

We might have finally gone over the edge with dumb things said by the media.

Interview magazine recently dubbed Kim Kardashian “America’s New First Lady” on a magazine cover released Monday, and I haven’t stopped laughing since I saw the photo.

Can you imagine going through a production meeting, throwing out this idea and nobody is sane enough to inform the room how incredibly stupid this sounds? Not a single person raised their hand, and had the stones to say literally any other title would be better?

So, if I’m understanding this correctly, women who have sex on camera are now the equivalent of the First Lady? Kim Kardashian got famous for filming herself having sex. Ladies and gentlemen, it’s not a skill if anybody is capable of pulling it off.

Have we sunk this low in America, we now idolize women who sellout to the lowest denominator? If Kardashian had any real talent then she wouldn’t have to had filmed herself having sex with a D-list celebrity. Why isn’t Taylor Swift dropping sex tapes? Probably because she is able to generate positive attention through her talent as a musician.

This isn’t even offensive. It’s just really funny and really stupid. Why stop with this retired amateur sex film star on the cover? Lets go head over to Pornhub and grab a few of those women and throw them on the cover next.

What the hell is our world coming to? Why idolize successful women and business executives when we can idolize Kim “I’ll have sex on camera” Kardashian? Well done world.

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David Hookstead



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