Anastasia Ashley Out Here Breaking Hearts And Rules In A One-Piece Swimsuit

David Hookstead | Contributor

American surfing legend Anastasia Ashley broke out a green one-piece swimsuit late Monday night, and it’s a sight to behold.

“Love a good surf garden,” Ashley captioned the photo of herself rocking out in the one-piece swimsuit.

Love a good surf garden

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Look, I’m a man who lives by a certain set of rules. Some might call it a creed. You can disagree with my rules, agree with them, or ignore them completely, but I think it’s important to set a certain standard and stick with it.

As we all know, I’m not a fan of one-piece swimsuits. Why? Because nobody without a bikini body should be covering it up. This is America. This is not Iran or Saudi Arabia. However, like an honest man, I have to admit Ashley sure does look great.

Am I getting soft with my swimsuit stance? I don’t think so. Maybe my views are slightly evolving or I’m learning there are exceptions to every rule. I’m man enough to admit that I might not have been 100 percent with my previous take about one-piece swimsuits.

My world has just been turned upside down after seeing Ashley’s latest look, and I’m not sure what to believe anymore. Should it be bikinis only? Are some one-pieces okay? I’m torn. Either way, props to me for admitting that I might have changing views on the subject. It takes a real man to come around on an issue when given new information.

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