Coach Taylor From ‘Friday Night Lights’ Is A Reminder Of Why Football Is Awesome

David Hookstead | Reporter

We’re only a few days away from some major college football games being played, and it’s a great reminder of the excellence of Coach Eric Taylor from “Friday Night Lights.”

“Friday Night Lights” was the hit television show that followed Coach Taylor’s life as a football coach in Permian, Texas. I’ve never met a sports fan who didn’t love the show and didn’t love the head football coach.

He wasn’t just a genius on the football field, but he was also one of the greatest motivators we’ve ever seen on our televisions.

He was an never ending machine of great speeches, life advice and football knowledge. Truly a man of the people.

I always find myself watching a few Coach Taylor speeches whenever football season rolls around. Nothing gets me in the mood for a little weekend football than hearing the words “Clear eyes, full hearts, can’t lose.”

America could certainly use a new speech from our favorite fictional coach right before we dive into the NFL season and the big college games. That man was put on television to unite people, win football games and be entertaining.

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David Hookstead



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