Emilia Clarke Describes ‘Game Of Thrones’ Sex Scene With Jon Snow As ‘Weird’

David Hookstead | Reporter

Emilia Clarke joked about her famous sex scene in the “Game of Thrones” season seven finale.

HBO released a short video of Clarke, who plays Daenerys, and Harrington, who plays Snow, describing the scene. It sounds just as awkward as anybody would expect for two actors who have been on a show together for several years.

“And for us, as actors, it’s just weird,” Clarke mockingly commented.

Harrington described the scene as a “runaway train that can’t be stopped.”


The sex scene between these two was one of the most hyped and anticipated hookups in the history of television, and while it was great for plot development, I felt it was a little underwhelming.

Either way, this relationship needs to be cranked up to the next level in the next season. This is a power couple of epic proportions and the audience needs them to wreck Cersei.

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