Houston Rescuers Ripping Vodka Shots Is The Best Video You’ll See Today

David Hookstead | Reporter

A video is circulating the internet of a rescuers down in Houston ripping a few shots of vodka while being featured on the news.

The news segment shows four individuals boating through a neighborhood as one of them passes out shots from what appears to be almost certainly a Sky vodka bottle. The newscaster claims they’re passing around water before her coworker cuts in with, “Yeah, I’m not sure that was water.”


It’s videos like these that give us all a little bit of home and put a brief smile on our faces. Those four are in a winless situation, the future is bleak, the neighborhood has been destroyed and they still had enough wits about them to make sure somebody grabbed the bottle of vodka.

That’s the American spirit that keeps this country together. Even in the darkest of times we don’t forget to take a second to have a little drink and be thankful for simply being alive. Those are the kinds of people that represent the best about this country.

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