Alex Hornibrook Being A George Strait Fan Means Wisconsin Is Playoff Bound

David Hookstead | Reporter

Wisconsin Badgers quarterback Alex Hornibrook is a big fan of George Strait, and I think this might be our clearest indication yet the team is playoff bound.

George Strait, aka the king of country music, is one of the greatest musicians to ever grace our planet. He is all about winning, cold beer, playing the guitar, awesome cowboy hats, America and just being an overall badass. He is literally a living, walking, talking and singing embodiment of the American spirit.

This is the spirit I want in my quarterback. A couple months ago I was asked about whether or not I was worried when a picture surfaced of Hornibrook with Johnny Manziel.

A post shared by Alex Hornibrook (@alexhornibrook) on

I simply replied with, “I’m not worried about any player that is trying to emulate George Strait.”

Hornibrook doesn’t appear to be just a minor fan. His entire Twitter background is a picture of the country legend performing at a concert.

Alex Hornibrook (Credit: Screenshot/Twitter Alex Hornibrook bio)

Alex Hornibrook (Credit: Screenshot/Twitter Alex Hornibrook bio)

I can’t even begin to describe how confident I am about this season with having a huge George Strait fan under center. I love the Twitter background picture. I want my quarterback looking at him every time he’s logging on to Twitter. It’s a constant reminder of the spirit we’re bringing to the field.

We might honestly have to fast forward directly to the playoff because there is no chance the Badgers aren’t making it with this guy under center. Imagine if he can get the whole team on a George Strait bender.

Just go ahead and give us the national championship.

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