Couple Arrested For Having Sex On Golf Course — Details Are Incredible

David Hookstead | Reporter

A South Carolina couple was arrested after engaging in sexual acts on a golf.

Dakota Payne and Kiernan Hennessey were taken into custody at the Tega Cay Golf Club in South Carolina, according to The Smoking Gun.

The Smoking Gun website wrote in part:

When a patrolman arrived at the links, he spotted a “male with no shorts on and a female that appeared to only have a bra on.” The woman, the officer reported, “was on her back and the male was laying down with his head between her legs performing oral sex.”

As first reported by the Fort Mill Times, the complaining witness told police that when he first spotted individuals laying down in the fairway, he “thought that someone was possibly having a medical issue.” Those concerns were allayed when the man used a pair of binoculars and “saw the male with his head between the female’s legs.”

Two other witnesses–who were on the tee box at hole 8–said that they observed “what they thought was a deer laying down in the fairway.” However, “Upon closer inspection, they realized it was two people having ‘doggy-style’ intercourse.”

This is one of the greatest stories I’ve ever heard. Just incredible from start to finish. Can you imagine being at a golf course, thinking somebody is having a medical issue and find out it’s just two people getting it on? I have no idea how I’d react to this situation, but I guarantee at some point I’d be laughing.

The speculation the two of them might have been a deer is even funnier. I’m not sure if somebody should take it as an insult their sexual activities resembles that of Bambi or if it’s a compliment.

The judge should let these two wild kids off with a little slap on the wrist. I truly don’t believe our Founding Fathers envisioned a country where the golf courses were all of a sudden off limits for sexual activity.

#FreePayne and #FreeHennessey.

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