Jim Harbaugh Now Has His Own Podcast And It’s About To Get Wild

Jena Greene | Reporter

In what is is sure to be both colorful and highly amusing, Jim Harbaugh recently announced he’s the latest voice in sports podcasting.

His weekly show, titled Attack Each Day, will air September 5th and feature the UMich head football coach’s take on his strategy, game rundowns, and hot takes on life.

It will also feature guest appearances from his brother and Ravens head coach John Harbaugh, his dad and lifelong football coach Jack Harbaugh, and other experts in the game.

I couldn’t be more pumped about this. Jim Harbaugh is the coach of all coaches. Not only is he in charge of the No. 8 football program in the country, he’s also probably the most entertaining guy in the game.

Harbaugh’s not some guy who sits quietly on the sidelines. So I’m not expecting his podcast to be any different. The name pretty much says it all. Attack Each Day? No doubt in my mind that’s exactly what he’ll do.

So in honor of all the future Harbaugh hot takes, here are some of his past iconic moments that may just make it to Attack Each Day:

A Judge Judy appearance. Harbaugh might just be her biggest fan:

This was completely unmerited too. Harbaugh shouted Judge Judy out for renewing a presumably hefty contract for her show. True fan.

Jim’s also a man of the people. He’s been on record stating his favorite restaurant is Cracker Barrel. He even has a personalized chair from there. No doubt they’ll get a few shout outs on Attack Each Day:

But Jim Harbaugh’s thoughts run deep. He’s given inspirational college lectures about “young, up-and-coming” philosophers:

Probably the best part of this is that little bow at the end to let everyone know the story’s over.

Really the only question left to ask is why he hasn’t gotten his own show already?

Jena Greene



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