Here’s Danica Patrick Swinging In A Bikini – If You’re Into That Kind Of Thing

David Hookstead | Contributor

Race car driver Danica Patrick is soaking up the last of summer in a bikini.

Patrick posted a video of herself on a massive yacht, wearing a skimpy bikini as she swung off of a rope into the ocean. Her fans certainly won’t be disappointed by the video.


I think I am going to have a throwback post for a full week just to ease myself off of @stenhousejr #dirty30 trip.

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Patrick’s skills as a driver are unquestioned, but her social media skills are low-key also very impressive. She also manages to do it in a way so it’s not in your face and over the top. Very well done Danica, well done indeed.

A post shared by Danica Patrick (@danicapatrick) on

A post shared by Danica Patrick (@danicapatrick) on

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