Congrats, Bama And FSU Fans! You Gave Us The First Fight Of The Season

David Hookstead | Reporter

It’s never quite college football season without a few fights along the way, and we’ve officially got our first great one of the year.

A video has been blowing up the internet of Alabama fans fighting in the stands with Florida State fans during the Saturday night’s game in Atlanta.

It’s exactly what somebody would expect out of drunk Alabama fans and upset Seminoles fans.


I’ve asked this before, but how dumb do you have to be to start a fight during a sporting event? There are literally cameras everywhere, thousands of witnesses, police nearby and there is no getting away without getting captured on video.

That’s part of the reason why these fights are so funny. Just the dumbest of the dumb out there throwing swings. Add in a little alcohol and it’s guaranteed to be a show.

You stay classy, Alabama and Florida State.

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David Hookstead



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