Michelle Obama Channels Beyonce With Beta Wardrobe Choice

Jena Greene | Reporter

In case you missed it (or didn’t care), Monday was Beyonce’s birthday.

The internet treated it as something of a national holiday, stopping everything to celebrate the 36-year-old singer.

So did Michelle Obama.

She posted a photo of herself dressed as Beyonce in her “Formation” music video, and people lost their minds.

Extended your life expectancy and paid off your credit card bills? Really? The only thing Michelle Obama did to extend your life expectancy is lecture you about vegetables.

The former first lady is known to have a close relationship with the singer and publicly commends her on social media.

Is this not the most beta move ever on Michelle’s part? The former first lady of the United States of America is playing dress-up to look like a pop star. What has Beyonce ever done for Michelle’s birthday? The only thing I can think of is her performance at Michelle’s 50th birthday party — where everybody celebrated Beyonce instead of Michelle. That was her present to Michelle. Her voice.

Michelle’s overt love affair with Beyonce is not a great look. She used to be the first lady. Beyonce used to be in a girl group.

At least when Melania Trump copies somebody else, it’s not as obvious. She didn’t dress up like Michelle Obama during her RNC speech and talk about how great she was. Instead, she just sprinkled in some really similar language to see if anyone would notice. That’s an alpha move if I’ve ever seen one.

Jena Greene



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