Philadelphia Eagles Coach Has Zero Time For Participation Trophies

David Hookstead | Reporter

Philadelphia Eagles defensive coordinator Jim Schwartz doesn’t want any part of participation trophies.

He wasn’t actually offered one, but brought them up in a Tuesday press conference to make a point. The former Detroit Lions head coach coach was asked if he wanted credit for the Eagles defense moving up from 30th in the league to 12th.

He responded with, “Please don’t put on my resume that I elevated this defense to a top-15. That’s a participation trophy.”

Schwartz might not have been an outstanding professional coach, but he’s still a true football guy through and through. Incredible response, but would we have it any other way? I certainly wouldn’t.

The only trophy that matters in the NFL is the Lombardi Trophy. Either win it all or keep your mouth shut until you do. I don’t care about anything other than winning the final game of the season.

I have no idea what type of locker room speeches Schwartz is known for giving, but I have a feeling they are absolutely electric. I’d be very nervous if you’re a team that has to play the Eagles this year. Schwartz isn’t playing games.

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