Why Is ESPN Using Taylor Swift Music To Hype College Football Games?

David Hookstead | Contributor

ESPN seems to be all in on Taylor Swift’s music to hype up college football games this season, and it’s an interesting choice.

The sports network used Swift’s songs “Look What You Made Me Do” and “…Ready for it?” to hype up two different promos prior to Alabama’s beatdown of Florida State.

Look, I’m on the record as a major Taylor Swift fan. I think she’s a generational talent, and is the definition of what it means to be star. I’m especially excited for her upcoming revenge album. It looks about as lit as it gets.

However, I’m not sure her music is the proper pick for the college football scene. What about a little classic rock, some rap or one of many different country songs? I’m sure ESPN has some data about how Swift’s audience overlaps with ESPN’s college football audience, but I’m still not sold.

Leave the Taylor Swift music for the afterparties and celebrations. ESPN should try to stick with something a shade more aggressive or football related for football games.

Having said all of that, the use of Swift’s music is only further proof of how much of a business genius she is. More than 12 million people watched Florida State play Alabama, and they all got to hear Swift’s music. Genius move, for sure.

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