Mallory Edens Breaks Out The Bikini To Celebrate The End Of Summer

David Hookstead | Contributor

Mallory Edens doesn’t seem too disappointed that summer is done and in the books.

The daughter of Milwaukee Bucks owner Wes Edens posted a photo of herself late Tuesday night rocking a skimpy bikini top.

She captioned the photo, “fall is my favorite season anyway.”

fall is my favorite season anyway

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Edens has been a regular fixture in the basketball world ever since she went viral shortly after her dad bought the Bucks. She hasn’t slowed down since. She posts plenty of swimsuit photos on Instagram, and is slowly edging her way into the modeling world.

It must not be too difficult of a life when your dad owns an NBA team and you’re breaking into professional modeling. Good times for sure.

A post shared by Mallory Edens (@mallory_edens) on

A post shared by Mallory Edens (@mallory_edens) on

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