Mike Leach Gives Incredible Answer When Asked About Aliens And Bigfoot

David Hookstead | Reporter

Washington State football coach Mike Leach gave some absolutely outstanding answers about aliens and Bigfoot.

Leach, who is a legend among American bros, was asked whether or not he believes in aliens and Bigfoot. His answers didn’t disappoint.

On the existence of Bigfoot:

I hope there’s Bigfoot, I don’t think there is. The reason I don’t think there is, because we found bones of dinosaurs and everything else, but we haven’t found bones, that I’ve heard of, of Bigfoot. It’d be fun if there’s Bigfoot, I hope there’s Bigfoot. But my guess is that there’s not.

On the existence of Aliens:

I suspect that there is, and I don’t know that they’re little green men. And I don’t know they’re specifically in our galaxy because I look at it this way. First of all, something about lightning strikes mud and it sparks a beetle and all that other business. I don’t happen to believe that. I take more of a biblical approach on the whole thing.

Just from the Christian approach, which is the one I take, why would God build other planets and other places? Why only this one?


Mike Leach: football genius, American hero and big believer in aliens. I can’t get enough of this guy. Now we need his take on the Loch Ness monster.

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