People Won’t Like Kirk Herbstreit’s College Football Playoff Prediction

David Hookstead | Contributor

ESPN analyst Kirk Herbstreit has two Big Ten teams in his college football playoff after week one.

Herbstreit, who played at Ohio State, recently tweeted the four teams he sees playing for a championship after his observations from the first week, and they are Alabama, Ohio State, Clemson and Penn State.

I actually briefly touched on the idea of two Big Ten teams in the college football playoff in an article yesterday. I predict people will lose their minds if that happens, and apparently I’m not the only one who can see it playing out in that fashion.

There will be riots if multiple major conferences don’t get a team in because the Big Ten stole up a second spot. The South might literally burn to the ground if the ACC or SEC doesn’t have a team in and the Big Ten is half the playoff. We will see outrage never before seen in college football.

I see both getting in if OSU or PSU only have one loss and the other is undefeated. It’s hard to argue for keeping a one loss Big Ten team out of the playoff if their only loss came to an undefeated Big Ten champion.

It was a lonely journey as I carried the banner of the Big Ten for over a year. Nobody really wanted to listen or pay attention, and now ESPN pundits are jumping in. Welcome to the team, Kirk.

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