Ryen Russillo Owns Up To Drunken Arrest – Addresses It On ESPN Like A Man

David Hookstead | Reporter

ESPN host Ryen Russillo addressed his drunken arrest in Jackson, Wyoming during his Tuesday show.

“I could go through a timeline of events that — if this happens, this happens, maybe this whole big thing doesn’t happen — but then it’s gonna sound like I’m making excuses and that I don’t get it. And trust me, I get it. I understand that this is a big mistake, because I’m a public figure, and I have my name on a show, and I work at a place like ESPN, and a place that I’m proud to come in to work every single day. And I’m not saying this because my bosses are listening, but I deserved the suspension,” Russillo said in part during “The Ryen Russillo Show.”


It’s pretty rare in modern day America to see somebody with his level of fame own up to his mistakes. So many celebrities are coddled and avoid responsibility like its the plague.

Getting arrested passed out drunk in a stranger’s house isn’t the great look, but it’s far from a terrible crime. Russillo addressed it head-on, and didn’t dance around the facts about him being an idiot. Incredibly refreshing.

I can’t stand many of the on-air personalities at ESPN, but I’ve always enjoyed Russillo. He always came across as a straight shooter, and I always got the impression he keeps it as real as he can.

Besides, you show the me the first guy who says he’s never gotten too drunk during a bender out West, and I’ll gladly show you a liar. He just happened to take it a little too far and got caught. Nothing too serious, he owned up and now everybody can move forward.

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