Hookstead’s Friday Mailbag: What Is The Truth About Michael Bennett?

David Hookstead | Reporter

It’s Friday at The Smoke Room, and that means it’s time for Hookstead’s Friday Mailbag.

Lets jump right into the questions.

You seem like you don’t believe Michael Bennett’s claim about police brutality. Why would a pro athlete lie about police pulling guns on him and threatening to kill him? There seems to be no upside to lying.

First off, I have no idea what happened in the Michael Bennett case. I don’t know, you don’t know, nobody reading this knows and the pundits on ESPN don’t know. The police officers involved and Michael Bennett are the only people who know.

I didn’t accuse him of lying or making stuff up. I simply pointed out in the initial video no gun can be seen, and I asked the question about whether or not he could be lying. Didn’t say he was for sure lying.

When a photo came out with a police officer holding a gun above Bennett, I also tweeted it out.

Lets wait for the facts before we all jump to conclusions about what might have or not happened.

Would you rather eat eight pounds of cheese in one sitting or an entire uncooked badger?

Fascinating question. I’d have to go with the cheese because I have a strong sense eating an uncooked badger is going to get you some diseases. You’re also going to have some serious problems with the cheese. However, I’m a Wisconsin man. We’re practically bred to eat cheese and drink beer. They say you should stick with what you know, and I know a lot more about eating cheese than I do eating uncooked badgers.

I’ll take the cheese every time.

Who do you like the most to win the college football national championship?

Alabama had the most impressive opening weekend, but they hardly survived unscathed. They lost two starting linebackers for the season against Florida State, and there are lingering questions about whether or not Jalen Hurts can consistently throw the ball deep down field. Having said all of that, I’d still be on Alabama today.

A very close second is Ohio State. Ohio State had the best half of football so far this season with their second half performance against Indiana. We’ll have to wait and see what kind of performance they give against Oklahoma before I make any more judgements about the Buckeyes.

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