The 15 Best Beers You Can Buy At Your Average Bar [SLIDESHOW]

Ford Springer | Contributor

Thursday is National Beer Lovers Day, which seemed like a perfect opportunity to rank the everyday beers that we drink so frequently but often overlook in the rankings.

The beers you typically see in the rankings aren’t usually ones that you would recognize or ever find at a bar. No, the rankings are for the beer snobs of the world who would most likely look down on the beers found on this list. But there’s a reason these 15 beers are a staple at your average neighborhood bar.

So, this one is for you, the real beer lovers. The drinkers out there who don’t wait for Friday to go to happy hour. The people who toss back a few Budweisers instead of slow-sipping summer shandies with a slice of fruit on the side.

National Beer Lovers Day is for you–not the snobs and the critics–just you. Make the most of it.



Ford Springer



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