Fighting Your Teammates Is Not A Great Way To Guarantee NFL Job Security

David Hookstead | Contributor

Former Cleveland Browns defensive back Calvin Pryor learned the hard way that fighting teammates is not a great move in the NFL.

Pryor was cut Thursday after fighting teammate Ricardo Louis.

I’ve played sports my whole life, and unlike Pryor, I actually won championships. I understand that tempers sometimes flare, and trash talking sometimes turns into punches being thrown.

It might be smart to think before throwing punches when there’s millions on the lines. There’s probably no reason to justify a fight that gets you thrown off of an NFL team. Pryor getting cut is also a sign this has happened before. I find it very hard to believe a football player is getting cut over one altercation. It’s also a pretty bad sign when even the Browns are so tired of your antics, they give you the boot to the curb.

Not a great look at all for Pryor. Now we’ll have to wait and see if anybody gives him another shot.

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David Hookstead



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