College Football Fan Takes Shot At Tim Tebow’s Baseball Career

Matt Candler | Contributor

One college football fan decided to take a shot at Tim Tebow’s baseball career Saturday morning during a broadcast of “SEC Nation.”

The former Florida football superstar and Heisman winner does it all.

  1. He’s a part-time circumcision performer for Philippine children. He really did spend his 2008 spring break doing so.
  2. He’s a minor league baseball player for the New York Mets’ Single A team in St. Lucie, Florida.
  3. The man is also an analyst for “SEC Nation,” a pre-game show for the SEC Network, similar to ESPN’s “College Gameday.”

On Saturday, Tebow was on set in Columbia, Missouri, previewing the South Carolina – Mizzou game.

When you think of “College Gameday,” the first things that come to mind are either awesomely inappropriate signs created by college students who have been chugging alcohol, whatever the hell slips out of Lee Corso’s mouth that day.

Unfortunately, Coach Corso isn’t a host of “SEC Nation,” but the cardboard signs were there — and in full force.

One sign took a nice swipe at ole’ Timmy, reading, “Tim bats .226 in Single A.”

Tebow seemed to take the joke in stride – he’s heard it all before.

Matt Candler



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