This 9/11 Tribute Seems More Like A Fourth Of July Celebration

Ford Springer | Contributor

Fishing sensation Michelle Dalton might have had the most bizarre September 11th tribute on social media Monday.

The professional angler — whose Instagram account consists almost entirely of photos of her fishing in a bikini — posted a picture of herself in a red, white and blue bikini in recognition of 9/11. But the tribute came across as more of a Fourth of July celebration rather than a recognition of lives lost to the terrorist attacks carried out sixteen years ago.

“Proud to be an American!,” Dalton captioned the photo in which she’s seen holding up a massive dolphin with a gaff. To make it worse, Dalton then threw in a bunch of hashtags and tags making it seem like more of an Instagram ad than the tribute she probably intended.

In fact, after investigating further it appears that Dalton used a nearly identical photo in a Fourth of July post with the same fish. (RELATED: Fishing Sensation Michelle Clavette Spends Memorial Day In A Red, White And Blue Bikini)

“Happy Independence Day America!!,” she captioned the shot from the fourth.

It’s great that you’re proud to be an American, Michelle, but a change of tone would probably be a smart idea for the anniversary of the biggest tragedy in the history of the United States.

Tight lines!

Ford Springer



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