I Love Olivia Munn’s Subtle Shot At The Green Bay Packers

David Hookstead | Reporter

Olivia Munn once again proved she’s the best when it comes to throwing shade.

Munn posted a photo late Monday on Instagram of herself with comedian Nick Swardson, who was wearing a Minnesota Vikings hat. The Vikings are, of course, one of the Packers biggest rivals.


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Normally speaking, people might look at this and decide there isn’t much to the photo, but those of us who have followed Munn’s breakup with Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers know there is likely more to the story.

The “X-Men” actress has been dominating social media ever since the split, and there’s next to no chance this was accidental now that the NFL season is in full swing.

She’s been essentially on a revenge tour since April, and constantly reminding the world she’s a superstar since Rodgers and her went their separate ways. I hope the Packers start losing a couple games because her social media is going to become absolute fire.

I love nothing more than the revenge version of Olivia Munn. It’s as good as it gets.

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