The Texas Man Who Bought A Tank And Parked It Outside His House Is My Hero

David Hookstead | Contributor

Houston, Texas resident Tony Buzbee might be the coolest man in America after he bought a WWII Sherman Tank.

Buzbee dropped $600,000 to acquire the awesome piece of history, and it’s currently just sitting parked outside of his Houston house.


Is this the coolest thing you’ve ever seen? It might be for myself. I used to think it was really cool to get my hands on an antique weapon or a really cool gun. My day is made whenever I’m able to get that done, and I think that’d most people would agree with me.

Not Tony Buzbee. He’s not satisfied until he has a freaking tank parked out in front of his house. He’s also a quote factory from that interview.

“Who else has a f*cking tank?”

“It’s f*cking cool as sh*t.”

“Had we not won that war (WWII) this would be a completely different country. Now we celebrate our freedoms and our right to speak and our right to have a tank in our front yard.”

Mr. Buzbee, you sir, are my hero.

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