Is This The Dirtiest Football Cheap Shot You’ve Ever Seen?

David Hookstead | Contributor

We’re only a couple weeks into college football, and we already might have the hit of the year.

Boise State defensive tackle Chase Hatada lit up New Mexico Lobos quarterback Lamar Jordan. It’s one of the scariest hits you’ll ever see.

Jordan scrambled and threw away the ball to avoid pressure. The play ended with Hatada lifting the Lobos quarterback off of his feet with a brutal shot.

Hatada was quickly ejected from the game due to his illegal and unacceptable hit on Jordan.

I love football, but hits of that nature can never be allowed or tolerated. The quarterback was completely defenseless, had dumped the ball and still got lit up. The refs made the right decision to toss Hatada from the game.

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David Hookstead



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