It Seems Like Every Network Is Now Producing TV Shows About The Military

David Hookstead | Contributor

Producing military television shows appears to be all the rage these days.

Last year The History Channel released the Navy Seal show “Six.”

It was a huge success, and the second season is currently being filmed. Superstar Olivia Munn has even joined the cast.

Game. On.

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Well, now CBS, The CW and NBC have all followed the example set by “Six” and are all releasing their own shows about elite military unites.

1) “The Brave”: on NBC

Plot: “The complex world of our bravest military heroes who make personal sacrifices while executing the most challenging and dangerous missions behind enemy lines.”

2) “Seal Team” on CBS

Plot: “The lives of the elite Navy SEALs as they train, plan and execute the most dangerous, high-stakes missions our country can ask.”

3) “Valor” on The CW

Plot: “The boundaries between military discipline and human desire are tested on a U.S. Army base that houses an elite unit of helicopter pilots trained to perform clandestine international and domestic missions. The drama unfolds in the present as well as in flashbacks to a failed mission involving one of the first female pilots in the unit, ultimately uncovering layers of personal and government/military secrets and leading to a season-long plan to rescue a group of MIA soldiers.”

There are now three new military-centered shows on three different massive networks. It seems like the trend is quickly sweeping across the nation after the success of “Six,” but I find it hard to believe all three of these new shows will be great. The odds just don’t work that way.

I guess we’ll have to tune in and find out which one of these new shows will be worth following.

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