Arkansas Football Has A New Gimmick To Distract From Their Awful Play

David Hookstead | Contributor

The Arkansas Razorbacks have new uniforms for their upcoming game against Texas A&M, and it probably won’t make any kind of difference.

The Hogs will be wearing Dallas Cowboys themed uniforms when they meet the Aggies Saturday at AT&T stadium in Dallas, Texas.

Cowboys owner Jerry Jones played football at Arkansas, which is probably why this stunt is happening.

Arkansas should spend a lot more time focusing on how to dump their coach Bret Bielema, and a lot less time on uniform gimmicks. Jerry Jones is a billionaire and arguably the most famous person to ever step foot in Fayetteville. Perhaps you should ask him for the money it’s going to take to buy out Bielema’s contract.

I already thought Texas A&M was going to win the game on Saturday, but now I don’t have any doubt at all. These uniforms are pathetic, Bielema is a joke, and the team sucks.

The downfall is almost too entertaining to watch.

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David Hookstead



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