Is America Ready For Mooch In 2020?

Jena Greene | Reporter

The Mooch is back at it again.

Anthony Scaramucci recently told a friend in writing that he has presidential or gubernatorial aspirations:

In recent conversations with friends, Mooch has said he wants to some day run for office, which his friend Bryan Lanza speculated could include mayor of New York City or governor of New York. But the Mooch’s brief time in the White House has also given him presidential aspirations, according to one person familiar with the matter.

The guy hasn’t exactly stepped out of the public eye since his 10-day stint as White House Communications Director, so we shouldn’t be surprised. He’s appearing on The View’s “Guy Day Friday” and revved up his Twitter presence, heading up the @ScaramucciPost.

And while some people aren’t fond of the idea of a Governor/President Scaramucci, I say go for it. The people don’t just want a President Mooch. They need one.

It’s been a few months, so maybe everyone’s forgotten. But The Mooch is the king of the power stance. He doesn’t bow down to anybody, except maybe his mother on Sunday when she’s cooking him homemade meatballs in gravy. Other than that, he’s in power mode all day.

Do you think Kim Jong Un stands a chance against this guy on the national stage? ISIS? Communism? Elizabeth Warren?

The answer is no. Lock it in. The Mooch knows what the people want, and it’s him. All day, every day. The model he’s following to ascend to power is pretty textbook too.

It’s the old business mogul – turned reality TV star – turned president approach. He’s got the business side down. Now he’s dipping his toe in the water, hosting TMZ and appearing on The View. Maybe he’ll get his own show in a year or two to really soften the image. And then, right around 2019 when people are tossing their hats in the presidential ring, he’ll launch his in and the people will go wild.

He could start with a governorship first too, of course. Not only does The Mooch look almost identical to the current New York governor, but he’s also had some pretty popular spars with the governor’s brother. The Mooch is a straight shooting New Yorker and, from the sound of his interview with Chris Cuomo, it seems like he can handle just about anything, from a round of Sunday poker with his cousin Vinny to the Oval Office.

Jena Greene



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