People Might Be Overreacting With Their Gambling Outrage Directed At Me

David Hookstead | Reporter

People are not happy with my gambling performance over the weekend, and it might be time to hit pause and stop the overreactions.

People had some hot takes about my performance, and one person noted on a link of a gambling story, “I haven’t seen a more shallow sports journalist than Hookstead in a long time. He makes the idiotic talk shows on ESPN look well-informed.”

Another commented, “It’s time for David Hookstead to hang up all things writing. Everything he writes is sh*t…”

First off, don’t ever compare me to the people on ESPN. I have more important things to do than debate Colin Kaepernick all day and then jump on Twitter to accuse President Trump of being a white supremacist. I’ll leave those actions to the men and women in at the “worldwide leader in sports.”

Secondly, and much more importantly, the season is a marathon and not a sprint. Yes, we had a rough weekend. The picks went 1-4, but we’re far from over. Don’t panic because we’re sitting at 6-9. We’re one weekend away from being right back over .500.

The obvious statement here is that when I make all of these people rich, I doubt they’ll say anything. The critics are always loudest during the tough times and then silent when things are going great.

We’re going to be just fine. One bad weekend isn’t enough to offset the rest of the season. Keep the faith, stay in the fight and don’t give up.

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