‘Westworld’ Not Winning A Single Emmy Is Borderline Criminal

David Hookstead | Reporter

The Emmy Awards were Sunday night, and “Westworld” didn’t win a single award.

The HBO drama received a whopping 22 nominations, and somehow didn’t walk away with any of them. I like to stay rational and not overreact, but it’s absolutely unacceptable for this western-thriller to go home empty handed.

The show is one of the coolest things I’ve ever seen. Ed Harris plays a demented gunslinger, Anthony Hopkins is the mad genius and the audience is treated to nonstop shootouts and mystery.

How did “The Handmaid’s Tale” win outstanding drama over HBO’s incredible creation? Who is making these insane decisions? I refuse to accept that Hulu’s drama about an oppressive Christian theocracy is somehow more entertaining that Ed Harris smoking robots. It makes no sense.

Also, how did Evan Rachel Wood get beat out for outstanding lead actress in a drama series? She had one of the creepiest performances in television history as Dolores.

They often ask in “Westworld” if the hosts have ever questioned their reality. Well, you better believe I’m questioning any reality where “Westworld” doesn’t win any television awards. Complete insanity.

P.S.: The second season trailer looks like it’ll be even crazier than the first.

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