Wisconsin Football Fans Give Utah Bar Most Profitable Day In History

David Hookstead | Reporter

Wisconsin Badgers football fans put a lot of cash into the pockets of the two bars of Provo, Utah this past weekend.

The Badgers beat BYU 40-6 on Saturday, but the locals shouldn’t be too upset because the gracious guests from the Midwest spent a lot of money on alcohol.

The Salt Lake Tribune reported:

Whiting said ABG’s capacity is 128 people and that the bar was “packed” for three hours with patrons who were “a little loud,” but otherwise were the best group of traveling fans he’s seen in 27 years of ownership. 

“Financially, it‘s the biggest day I’ve ever had here,” he said, adding that it was “triple” what the bar’s normal income would be from a regular day. 

“It was a wonderful thing,” he said. “The people from Wisconsin are fabulous. They‘re the nicest, funnest people we’ve ever had here.” 

I’m not the least bit surprised. Badger fans show up to drink the bars dry and win football games. It’s a beautiful site to experience in person.

I went to College Park, Maryland a couple years ago for a Badgers game, and it was the exact same story. The locals were looking at what we were doing in the bars like we were the astroid that had been sent to destroy Earth. It’s hard to explain, but you’ll never forget it once you witness the drinking of Wisconsin fans.

And of course we’re the “nicest, funnest people” around. That’s what being a Wisconsin man is all about. Sure, we’ll walk into your football stadium and embarrass your football. We’ll do that without a second of hesitation, but we won’t rub it your face. We’ll drink beer with you before the game and then listen to your complaints over some cold Miller Lite after the game.

It’s who we are. It’s what makes us the leaders of the Midwest. I’m happy the people of Provo, Utah enjoy our presence because we all know they didn’t like what we did on the field.

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