Lena Dunham Gets Pleasure From Looking Bad – How Is This Surprising?

Jena Greene | Reporter

Lena Dunham apparently enjoys having a bad appearance.

She told E! News recently that she actually enjoys ending up on worst dressed lists, and she can’t be blamed for dressing comfortably.

Kind of like how she can’t be blamed for molesting her younger sister or fabricating stories about being raped in college and ruining people’s lives.

She either likes to be ripped apart, or she’s not intelligent enough to know how to play the victim when it would actually help her. So she told the network that it feels good to be labeled as a bad dresser.

She stated the following:

I even like ending up on that ‘Good People, Bad Clothes’ page or whatever it’s called…that stuff gives me pleasure.

Okay I think we can officially put Lena Dunham on their world’s weirdest pleasure seekers list. She’s right up there with the lady who eats Comet toilet cleanser and the guy who gets turned on by balloons.

She says dressing hideously is a reflection of her “personal choice and personal voice.”

Part of the reason I love this country so much is because it’s a free one. If you want to walk down Fifth avenue dressed like a swamp monkey, then that’s your prerogative.

And another reason I love this country is because I’m allowed to say whatever I want about it. So is the rest of America. Which is part of the reason for Lena Dunham’s scant popularity.

Along with falsely accusing “Barry the Conservative” of raping her, trying to sink an entire airline for being transphobic, calling Odell Beckham Jr. a rude person, and being embroiled in countless lawsuit threats. Those things will sink a reputation fast. So what’s a few bad fashion decisions for the books?

Jena Greene



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