People Are Getting Woke About Matthew Stafford – Welcome To The Party

David Hookstead | Reporter

People are starting to open their eyes about Detroit Lions quarterback Matthew Stafford, and it’s about time.

I’ve been on the record for the past several years that the Texas-born gunslinger is one of the best quarterbacks in the NFL. Easily a top five player at his position.

People laughed, mocked me and didn’t give my thought a second of serious consideration. Well, now the “Stafford is elite” take is taking the internet by storm. Welcome to the party everybody. Glad you guys all eventually decided to show up.

It’s almost like the “experts” don’t really pay attention to what’s going on, and then turn a corner to hop on the bandwagon once it becomes popular thought. Where were the pro-Stafford takes a couple years ago when the Lions looked horrific, and he was the only guy keeping the team moving together?

Do I feel vindication? Of course not because I don’t rely on the opinions of others to form my opinions. I’m a humble man. It doesn’t matter what other sports journalist and members of the sports world are doing. I just focus on my game. That’s how winners do it. So, everybody else is a few years late, but I guess it’s better to show up late than never show up at all.

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