The New York Giants Should Focus On The Future, Trade Odell Beckham Jr.

Matt Candler | Contributor

The New York Giants fell to 0-2 Monday night following their home loss to the Detroit Lions, and it might be time to start focusing on the future.

Since 2007, out of teams that have lost their first two games, only nine percent have made the playoffs.

Honestly, the Giants chances are probably slimmer than nine percent due to the division they play in. Excluding their NFC East foes that they play twice (already lost to the Cowboys in Week 1), the Giants schedule includes the Broncos, Seahawks, Chiefs, and Raiders. So, things aren’t looking good for the G-Men.

With quarterback Eli Manning now 36 years old, it’s time to build for the future. The Giants drafted Cal QB Davis Webb in the 3rd round this year. Many believe he has a chance to be the eventual successor to Manning. Regardless of when Manning retires, or is let go by the Giants, the best move for the future of the franchise is to start shopping star-wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr.

Don’t get me wrong, OBJ is a great wide receiver. He’s also a selfish diva who certainly has to rub some in the organization the wrong way. If NFL franchises were cars, receivers would be the flashy paint job or bumpin’ sound system. Sure, they’re nice to have, but without a reliable engine, that paint job isn’t getting you any closer to your destination.

The Giants should entertain trade offers for Beckham Jr., in exchange for some draft picks. Those picks could help solidify an offensive line that desperately needs help. Or, the Giants could draft another quarterback in the highly touted upcoming draft class, if they’re not fully sold on Davis Webb.

Either way, something has to be done in New York.

Matt Candler



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