Trump Threatening To Destroy Other Nations At The UN Is The Ultimate Power Move

Jena Greene | Reporter

Donald Trump proved once again that he’s the world’s alpha in a speech to the UN this morning.

Everybody had been speculating his speech would be demure and similar to previous presidents’ UN speeches. One commentator even suggested that Trump might “tack a little bit and be presidential, not go guns blazing.”

Maybe we’re forgetting who we’re dealing with here.

This is Donald J. Trump. The same guy who fires people after 10 days and shifts policy in 140 characters or less. He doesn’t play by societal norms, and he definitely doesn’t have time for international niceties at the UN.

So this morning, he stood behind the podium and took charge. He called out dictators by name. He called the Iran Deal an “embarrassment” and threatened to totally destroy North Korea. He called socialist and communist regimes “failures” and declared some nations were “going to hell.”

And world leaders just sat there with their heads down. They totally took it.

Trump literally called Kim Jong Un “Rocket Man.” At arguably the most public venue in the world. It couldn’t be any clearer that our president is the world’s alpha.

The only person who seemed to be enjoying Trump’s speech was Netanyahu, who offered rousing applause several times in the middle of the address.

He didn’t trash the UN, he just said it’s not as great as America. Trump touted his successes since the election, citing rapid economic growth, massive job creation, and a huge military growth plan to be stronger than ever before. I think I even heard an eagle screech a few times during the speech.

Which furthers my point that Trump is clearly the world’s alpha leader. Not only is he the leader of the free world, but he’s here in his home city at a venue he finds hideous and inefficient, picking off dictators one by one.

Trump saw an opportunity to assert his dominance on the world stage once again and he seized it like the true boss he is. We’ve seen all sorts of dominance coming out of the White House since January, and it’s not showing any sign of slowing down.

Jena Greene



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