Even NFL Refs Are Now Being Accused Of Beating Women

Matt Candler | Contributor

The NFL’s problem with domestic violence has gotten a bit worse.

Domestic violence allegations have been giving the league constant PR hits. Four of the most talked about NFL domestic violence cases include Ray RiceGreg HardyJosh Brown, and Ezekiel Elliott. But, there are dozens and dozens of more accusations (and proof) that basically go unnoticed publicly.

Now, it looks like the NFL’s domestic violence problem has extended to its referees.

TMZ reported that NFL line judge Carl Johnson is currently under investigation for alleged domestic violence. The unnamed accuser says she had been living with Johnson last year. She claims, in December, Johnson hit her so hard that he broke one of her breast implants, and the abuse allegedly happened multiple times.

She contacted the NFL about it in March, but it’s unclear how serious the league office took her claims. Louisiana court records show the woman was granted a temporary restraining order against Carl Johnson in July. The restraint never became permanent. The accuser also claims she has photos, as well as audio recordings that support her allegations.

Carl Johnson, who was formerly the NFL’s Vice President of Officiating, has denied everything. Johnson is expected to be on the field working Sunday’s Dolphins-Jets game.

Matt Candler



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