Kevin Durant’s Teammates Being ‘Perplexed’ By Him Is Not Surprising

David Hookstead | Reporter

Kevin Durant’s teammates on the Golden State Warriors are reportedly a little confused by some of his recent actions on social media.

Durant recently tweeted about his former team, the Oklahoma City Thunder, and coaches in the third person in response to a Twitter troll. It led to lots of speculation that he has burner accounts set up to defend himself from his critics on social media.

His actions haven’t gone unnoticed by his current teammates, according to Chris Mannix of The Vertical.

Mannix reported in part:

The Warriors will open training camp Friday and maybe then things will get back to normal. The sneaker tiff with Curry seems to have blown over, and by addressing the Thunder tweets he saves himself from having to later. But make no mistake: Many in Golden State, team officials and players alike, have taken note of Durant’s oddball offseason and are perplexed by it. They see a bright future for Durant in Oakland, league and team sources told The Vertical, and are bewildered as to why he is still addressing his past.

It’d be much more surprising to me if his teammates didn’t find his actions weird. Durant is an NBA champion, a millionaire and still feels the need to feed the Twitter trolls. It’s extremely perplexing.

The days of getting into Twitter arguments should stop sometime around the time your first five million clears the bank account, and he’s made a lot more money than a single digit millionaire. There is also never an excuse to be making burner accounts to argue with random people on Twitter.

Durant might be a superstar on the basketball court, but he clearly has some serous insecurity problems.

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