Channing Tatum’s Wife Hits Back At Critics Of Her Saucy Instagram Photos

Jena Greene | Reporter

Famous dancer and Channing Tatum’s wife Jenna Dewan Tatum laid waste to some recent social media trolls.

She’s been keeping her 5 million Instagram followers updated on her travels and trying on some pretty interesting outfits while in the United Kingdom.

Balcony series continues

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alley magic

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Although Dewan Tatum caused a bit of a stir when she posted a photo of herself in the same bodysuit, sans pants.

Cheeky balcony series

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I’m not sure if she knew the post would cause an uproar or if she didn’t care. But people definitely had a lot to say about the picture.

One hater commented, “A woman who shows her body this way shows that she needs validation and is looking for attention that isn’t given at home. That’s my honest opinion. Please wear clothing next time and dress accordingly.”

Ouch. Another said, “Sorry to break it to you guys, feminism is not fighting to post naked pictures. Feminism is fighting to end the objectification of women and if the only thing we do is post butts on insta, thats everything men will think we are good at.”

But plenty of people came to her defense. One fan said, “Have a feeling all the hater moms on here are 300 pounds and eat potato chips all day. Go screw and stop hating.”

And Jenna fired a new post about encouraging other women. The caption included a phrase that said, “rise above judgement and step into self love.”

I think Jenna may have won this one, and we all know her Instagram account is winning nearly every day.

Jena Greene



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