Cowherd: SEC Won’t Make Playoff If Alabama Loses

David Hookstead | Reporter

Colin Cowherd continued to be the most honest guy in the media during a recent segment about the state of SEC football.

“If Alabama loses a game in the SEC, out! SEC is not going to have anybody in the final four. Because either Oklahoma or Oklahoma State is in. They’re in. Clemson, look at their schedule, in! Big Ten winner? In,” the popular Fox Sports pundit recently told his audience.

I hate to ask this again, but where was everybody when I was saying this exact same thing a year ago? To Cowherd’s credit, he came around on the pathetic state of SEC football a lot quicker than most people. There are still lots of people who honestly believe it’s the best conference.

The number of woke sports experts might be small, but it grows with every weekend of horrible SEC play that passes.

The sad part is the fact we all know if Alabama doesn’t get in then plenty people will pretend like they knew it the whole time. Of course, the odds of Alabama losing a game during its pathetic schedule isn’t high, and I wouldn’t bet on it happening anytime soon.

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