Heidi Klum’s Hottest Photos From The Summer [SLIDESHOW]

Ford Springer | Contributor

Heidi Klum may be 44, but she still spends her summer like all the up and coming models do, and still looks better than most of them too. (RELATED: Heidi Klum Makes A Surprise Appearance In Sports Illustrated Swimsuit)

The gorgeous German-American model has been pretty busy over the past few months. With both “Project Runway” and “America’s Got Talent” in full-swing, along with a handful of other projects, it’s a miracle that she ever finds time to have fun. Yet, somehow she still found a way to get away every now and then to enjoy the summer.

When Klum wasn’t working or making everyone’s jaw drop with each red carpet appearance, she was hanging out with friends and family and sharing a lot of photos along the way. (RELATED: Watch Heidi Klum Model Her Own Bikini Line)

Check out the former Victoria’s Secret model’s hottest moments of the summer.


(SLIDESHOW: 14 Times Heidi Klum Looked Drop-Dead Gorgeous)


Ford Springer



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