Hookstead’s Friday Mailbag: Have I Moved On From My Haters?

David Hookstead | Reporter

We have another great mailbag underway on this Friday.

The questions range across a variety of different topics. Lets dive in and get some answers.
I’m writing to man up. I wrote your mailbag twice repping LSU hard and making grandiose proclamations. I got to cover that check my big mouth issued. A few quick tidbits before a question.

After going to LSU home games consistently since 2004, this was my first road SEC game I’ve attended. I can’t lie, Starkville–although in the middle of nowhere–is a lovely campus, has great fans and minus the cowbells provided a great fan experience. Using those three measuring points and obviously not considering Wisconsin, what few colleges provide the best game day experience whether a special rivalry game or ordinary conference opponent?

Now to LSU-MISS St. LSU was out coached and out played massively. Kudos to Coach Mullin for devising and executing a great game plan and having his players ready and prepared. I’ll save my musings about our coaching, 20 true freshmen having to play and other rumblings for LSU message board.

What CANNOT be denied is the effect the refs had on the game. We had penalty after penalty called on us that on multiple occasions took points off the board and beyond that killed our momentum. The mist obvious example is when our receiver DJ Chark caught a 67 yard touchdown on a BOGUS offensive pass interference.

My question is should all penalties of 15 yards or more as well as penalties that negate a score should be reviewed to confirm?

First off, I have to say I love this guy. He fires off a great question about SEC football every week, and as a Big Ten guy, I need these SEC questions. As for game day atmosphere, any major school is going to have a great game day atmosphere for different reason. Oklahoma, Ohio State, Alabama, Michigan, Penn State, USC, Florida, Oregon, Michigan State and many more have awesome game day atmospheres (I obviously am keeping Wisconsin out of this to stay fair). Any perennial power will have an outstanding game day atmosphere. Having said that, I’ve been on a lot of college campuses and simply being at a major campus doesn’t guarantee a great atmosphere. I went to the Wisconsin game against Maryland on the Terrapins field, and it was embarrassing for them. The bars were crowded with Wisconsin fans, nobody was trying to drink a bunch of beer and it was overall embarrassing for Maryland.

As for your question about penalties, the honest truth is no amount of input by the refs was going to change the ending of the LSU game against Mississippi State. Keep in mind I lost some money on this game, so I wish we could change it. However, we can’t have every penalty over 15 yards getting reviewed. We’d be sitting trough five or six hours games if we did that. Now, on touchdowns that’s an interesting question because it wouldn’t slow the game down much. I’d be interested to see how that’d work out.

I’m also a big believer that over time everything evens out. LSU might have gotten shafted in this game, but the odds are the Tigers will benefit from officiating errors at some point over the season. College games are already too long. UCLA’s game against Memphis this past weekend went over four hours. Can you imagine how much longer it would have gone if we had to review a dozen penalties throughout the game? It’d be a disaster.

Thanks for the sh*tty gambling picks last week. Does it ever get exhausting to be such an idiot?

Wow, outstanding question. I can see you put a lot of thought into this one. We had one bad weekend. It’s a long season. We’re going to have a bad week from time to time. I can’t wait for you thank me when we go 5-0 this weekend and I make you rich.

Hi David,

I read a lot of your stuff. Some of it I like better than other articles you write. I’ve always wondered if it has any effect on your dating life or relationships with other people when you write stuff about women all the time?

Thanks for reading what I write, I think? Hard to tell if that was a compliment or a subtle jab, but either way, I always appreciate hearing from readers.

You’d be surprised how little impact what I write has on my relationship with family, friends and women I’m interested in. I think the vast majority of the people who read my writings know when I’m being serious and when I’m going for laughs. I don’t take myself seriously at all and most people know this.

The largest impact it ever has is usually when my mom calls to give her opinions on a subject I’ve covered. There’s only been one real incident where a woman I was on a date with (I know it’s shocking for some to believe I get women to talk to me), and she got very upset about an article I wrote. If we weren’t in a public setting, I honestly believe she might have tried to swing on me. We obviously didn’t go on another date.

On the flip side, I was had a woman tell me she’d been reading about me online for the past hour. That was kind of weird, but I shook it off. She found my articles funny and was a chill woman.

Outside of those two incidents I’ve never had any serious problems outside of the office with my writings.

I’ve noticed you haven’t been responding to haters as much in your blogs. Why? Are haters still your motivators, or no?

Great question. I still address my haters when I think it’s warranted. I hit back at people chirping me over my gambling picks. Which, I will admit, were not great last week. I also had to destroy some people who accused me of being sexist because I don’t want my future wife to get shot in a home invasion. Wild thing to accuse somebody of sexism over.

It’s also college football season, which means I have a little less time to engage with people. I just choose to prioritize football and beer over hammering the haters during the season. But don’t worry too much because I’m always locked and loaded on launch status just in case I have to take somebody out.

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