Kentucky Fans Mocking Hurricane Irma Victims Isn’t An Outstanding Look

David Hookstead | Contributor

A picture is circulating social media of a banner made by Kentucky football fans that mocks the victims of Hurricane Irma in Florida.

Retired NFL player Ahmad Black shared a photo of the banner, which reads, “If Hurricane Irma didn’t FUK you up, Cats will.”

I’m as big of a college football as you will ever find. I love when fanbases go after each other, but this is a bit too far. Mocking people who have had their lives destroyed or have died is not a good look for any football fan.

It’s idiots like the morons who made this sign that make football fans everywhere look bad. I understand wanting to have a banner or sign that gets some attention, but some common sense. Maybe don’t attack the dead over a football game.

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David Hookstead



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