LeBron James Now Thinks It’s His Responsibility To Save The World

David Hookstead | Reporter

LeBron James might have made the craziest video I’ve ever seen.

The three time NBA champion made a video for the 2017 Global Business Forum, which is put on by former New York mayor Michael Bloomberg. The video is meant to shed a light on different problems around the world. Seems reasonable enough.

However, it got very unreasonable right from the start.

The Cleveland Cavaliers star opened the video with the statement, “I was asked to start this meeting to set a tone.”

The arrogance behind that statement is mind-boggling. The world is descending into chaos and somehow a basketball player is our last great hope to fix it? I opened this video hoping to take it seriously, but it’s hard to do so when Lebron is talking about setting a tone and then the video cuts to Venezuela.

He gets paid millions to win basketball games. What does he know about ending the crisis in Venezuela? This video is South Park level parody of celebrity arrogance.

If Obama, George W. Bush, or somebody with experience in the field made this video, I wouldn’t have any issue with it. But a basketball player? It’s downright comical.

I don’t even hate Lebron. He’s an incredible basketball player. But he’s not exactly helping the perception that he’s extremely arrogant by claiming he is being asked to save the world. Not a great look at all.

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