Mixing Models And Golf Is Always A Winning Formula

David Hookstead | Reporter

Model Katie Kearney was recently at the golf course, and it’s another reminder that nobody ever loses when golf and models are combined.

Kearney wore an all white outfit, and fans of golf will certainly appreciate her attire on the course.

My pre-shot routine involves long mental pep talks

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There is a billion dollar idea out there for somebody to start a female golf league, but you can only qualify if you are hot. Golfers are scored more for their outfits than actual strokes.

You throw that on ESPN during the summer when we’re all craving sports, and I promise you it’ll make billions. We’ll be showering in $100 bills.

I dare somebody to try to convince me that Kearney couldn’t get viewers.

A post shared by Katie Kearney (@katiekearney) on

A post shared by Katie Kearney (@katiekearney) on

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