Ricky Williams’ Mugshot Is A Must-See Picture

Jena Greene | Contributor

Former football star Ricky Williams was arrested in Texas earlier this week on traffic warrants.

He was halted for a routine traffic stop when police noticed the former NFL star’s active record, according to TMZ Sports. Details haven’t been made immediately clear on why there was a warrant out for Williams.

It is immediately clear that something was off about Williams in his mugshot.

Just look at him smiling. What a sly dog. I’m not a cop and I don’t rush to conclusions, but the internet was full of hot takes about what Williams could have been doing prior to his arrest.

The former Miami Dolphins running back has been on 60 Minutes to talk about his public image as a stoner. After his NFL suspensions he went to the CFL and even taught yoga. He’s said that marijuana is 10x better than Paxil. And he follows an almost-vegan diet. He’s also in an open marriage and dabbles in all sorts of religion and spiritual healing exercises.

If I didn’t know any better I’d say this is just Bob Marley with a Heisman.

Jena Greene



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