There Is Some Major ‘Bachelor’ News – Including A Ridiculous Outfit

Jena Greene | Reporter

Dean Unglert and Kristina Schulman of “Bachelor In Paradise 3” are back together, according to E! News, and possibly confirmed by a photo on Instagram.

Danielle L, aka DLo, added her two cents with a little bit of shade mixed in:

From what I know, he’s trying to work things out with Kristina…He’ll text me here and there to see how I’m doing but there’s no romantic relationship. For me, after watching the show and the things he said, I don’t see how or why I would want to continue a relationship with him.

Classic Dean. Trying to rekindle something with Kristina while still texting DLo.

After the finale of BIP, I was pretty convinced that Dean was only into Kristina. He tearfully revealed that he made a huge mistake by sending her home and he wanted to reconnect with her.

And while it seems like he has by the looks of this Instagram, I have a much bigger bone to pick with him.

What was he thinking when he put those pants on?

Seriously. They’re gym leggings. I own a pair that looks like that. So does every other female aged 15-40. It’s a classic wardrobe staple. But Dean is a 24 year old male who is a supposed lady killer. Why is he dressed like he’s headed to hot yoga?

I guess we shouldn’t be surprised, seeing as his dad looks like this:

Completely unacceptable beta-male move.

Jena Greene



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