Young Alabama Fan Cursing On Camera Is Wildly Entertaining

David Hookstead | Reporter

Few things are more entertaining than intense football fans, and fans of the Alabama Crimson Tide may be the most intense.

Busted Coverage tweeted out a video Thursday morning of a young fan looking into a camera and chanting, “Roll Tide, motherf*ckers. Roll Tide, motherf*ckers.”

I’m very torn here. On one hand, I love crazy football fans, and this young lady was born to support one of the greatest programs in all of college football. She’s clearly willing to ride and die with Nick Saban and the Tide.

On the other hand, I’m not sure I’m a big fan of young children openly saying “motherf*ckers” into a camera. I have a very strong sense that children who behave that way might not have the brightest future ahead of them. Most of the people I knew who grew up to be extremely successful weren’t running around and cursing into cameras. Maybe my people and the people of Alabama football are just from two different cultures.

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